Projects 2004-2005

  1. Participation in the Modernization Program of Kozloduy Units 5&6, subcontractor of the European Consortium Kozloduy companies and Westinghouse more than 25 measures, including: 
  • Increase the reliability of the Steam Generator Safety Valves (planning and design of the valves replacement); 
  •  Install an Automatic device for Cold Overpressure Protection (studies, analyses, design); 
  • Install Hydrogen Detection and Hydrogen Monitoring Systems; 
  • Filtered System for Pressure Suppression in the containment; 
  • Diagnostic systems (e.g. Leak Detection, Loose Part Monitoring, Fatigue Monitoring - KUS, FLUS, FAMOS); 
  • Implementation of a system for monitoring of critical parameters during accident and post-accident situations (SPDS, PAMS); 
  • Internal Hazards Analysis (e.g. internal flooding, high energy pipes breaks); 
  • Safety, Seismic and Quality classification of the systems and equipment of Units 5&6; 
  • Upgraded Safety Analysis Report (USAR) - bring the analyses in SAR in compliance with international practice, etc.
  1. Implementation of System for control of decommissioning KNPP Units 1&2 subcontractor of EWN.
  2. Assessment of some safety aspects of WWER-440/230 and WWER-1000/320 contract with GRS, Germany.
  3. Participation in the development of Severe Accident Management Guidelines for units 3&4 and for units 5&6 at Kozloduy NPP (elaboration of all SA analyses needed for the project).
  4. Preliminary Safety Assessment of the reconstruction of KNPP Units 1&2 (together with Risk Engineering).
  5. Organize a Project Management and Engineering Services Unit in Kozloduy NPP for fulfilment of different tasks for the decommissioning of Units 1 and 2 (subcontractor of BNFL/EDF).
  6. Analysis of dependent failures in case of feed water lines ruptures in the containment of KNPP Units 3 and 4.
  7. Thermal-hydraulic analysis of LOCA DN 200 mm and LOCA 2?DN 500 mm with consideration for the interlocks for refilling of the High pressure safety injection tank from the containment sump and for the modified interlocks for opening of the delivery valves of the Low pressure safety injection pumps of KNPP Units 3 and 4.
  8. Filtered Pressure Suppression System for KNPP Units 3 and 4 subcontractor of FANP Germany.
  9. Install Hydrogen Detection and Hydrogen Monitoring Systems for KNPP Units 3 and 4 subcontractor of FANP Germany.
  10. Analysis of the isolation of systems, connected to the primary circuit of KNPP Units 3 and 4.
  11. Detailed Design of the physical separation of the safety systems equipment in the boron compartments of KNPP Units 3 and 4.