Projects 2002-2003

  1. Substantiation and Detailed Design of a system for Gas-evacuation from the reactor and Measurement of the reactor level under normal operational conditions, during DBA and BDBA, in case of formation of a steam-gas volume under the reactor cover Kozloduy NPP Units 3&4.
  2. Justification of the Critical Safety Functions of and their degree of degradation for KNPP 5&6.
  3. Organize a Project Management and Engineering Services Unit in Kozloduy NPP for fulfilment of different tasks for the decommissioning of Units 1 and 2 (subcontractor of BNFL/EDF).
  4. Detailed Design for installation of additional check valves on the feed water pipelines to the SGs inside the containment KNPP 3&4.
  5. Substantiation of conservative calculations for LOCA DN 500 for the purposes of the Safety Analysis of KNPP 3&4 (in co-operation with ENCONET).
  6. Detailed Design of a FLUS system for KNPP 3&4.
  7. Expert evaluation of the radiological consequences of LOCA at KNPP 3&4 after the implementation of the Jet-Vortex Condenser.
  8. Study and Detailed Design for the protection of the high pressure safety injection tank from overpressurization after the implementation of the scheme for its automatic re-filling by the Low pressure safety injection pumps under different operational modes of KNPP 3&4.
  9. Thermal-hydraulic analysis of a Small Break LOCA at KNPP unit 3 and elaboration of a design for upgrading of the interlocks of the ventilation systems of the hermetic compartments of KNPP 3&4.