Current Projects

  1. Project Management and Engineering Services Unit in SE RAW providing consulting services for fulfilment of different tasks for the decommissioning of Units 1 to 4 and  site selection, design, safety evaluation, construction and commissioning of a National Repository for radioactive wastes (As subcontractor to Consortium with Empresarios Agrupados и Nuvia).
  2. Mounting of new heat exchangers TS10W01, 02, 03 and cut-off and drainage armature on the lines of VB system, insuring cut off and washing of the heat exchangers at Kozloduy NPP.
  3. Changing of the automatic gas-analysers of the power transformers 9GC01, 9GC02, 5BT01, 5BT02, BT05 and BT06 at Kozloduy NPP