Computer Codes Application

Specialized computer codes are an essential tool for performing of the main tasks of ENPRO. The company has acquired the necessary computer systems and software. Highly professional IT experts are providing system support for the operating systems (MS Windows and Linux) and management of the security of information resources in the Local Area Network.

A version control system (Subverson) is extensively used whenever applicable and reasonable.

On the basis of ATHLET and the visualization system ATLAS it is developed a simulator for analyses of units 5 and 6 at Kozloduy NPP. It represents a powerful means for verification of EOPs The simulator model includes the C&I systems of VVER-1000 and allows for interactive control.

Further on it it is provided a brief description of the codes used for design calculations and safety analysis.The input data decks for the different computer codes are constantly updated and strictly verified.

Cross-verification, i.e. comparison with results of other calculations is often used. Validation by means of plant measured data and records of operational events is also used where applicable.