Design and engineering of the following systems:

  • Thermal-hydraulic Analyses
  • Severe Accidents Analyses
  • System Analyses and Other Types of Analyses

Thermal-hydraulic Analyses

  • Modeling and analyses of transients and accidents in PWR and BWR plants;
  • Development of new and improvement of the existing models for computer codes such as RELAP5, SCDAP/RELAP, MELCOR, DYN3D, COCOSYS, MACCS, CATHARE, ATLET, etc.;
  • Development of methodologies for analysis of transients and accidents in WWER-440 and WWER-1000 plants;
  • Analyses of transients and accidents under shutdown conditions;
  • Probabilistic safety analyses Level 1 and Level 2 (deterministic part);
  • Analyses for the purposes of EOPs at NPP.

Severe Accidents Analyses

  • Development of severe accident management guidelines;
  • Studying of the processes in the Containment at NPP;
  • Calculation of hydrogen generation and hydrogen distribution in the Containment;
  • Determination of the source term for various severe accident scenarios, etc.

System and Other Types Analyses

  • System analyses and evaluations;
  • Analysis of the seismic impact on  pipelines and the safety systems and equipment;
  • Analysis of the effect of high energy piping breaks;
  • System analysis of pressurized thermal shock;
  • Qualification of equipment;
  • Analysis and design of technological systems for NPP (heating, ventilation and air conditioning);
  • Analysis and design of systems for severe accident management – filtered venting systems, pressure suppression systems, hydrogen ignition systems.