Current Projects

  1. Project Management and Engineering Services Unit in SE RAW providing consulting services for fulfilment of different tasks for the decommissioning of Units 1 to 4 and  site selection, design, safety evaluation, construction and commissioning of a National Repository for radioactive wastes (As subcontractor to Consortium with Empresarios Agrupados и Nuvia). 
  2. Design and implementation of a system for heatup and cooldown of the metal in the water chambers and the tube plates of the high pressure heat exchangers with chamber type. 
  3. Modernization of monitoring and control system of Auxiliary Building 3 (As Subcontractor to Westinghouse).
  4. Design for mounting of a Г-shaped crane 5,6YW00E09 in the Central Hall in the area of 5,6YD10(40).
  5. Preparation of an expert review report for the technical documentation of unit 6 (Kozloduy NPP) for the project “Development of a modernized fuel cycle and substantiation of the safe operation of units 5 and 6 KNPP with the modified fuel at power 3120 MWe”.
  6. Survey of operational regimes of the HVAC system in RAW Treatment Facility at Kozloduy NPP site..
  7. Design of steam and condensate pipelines of the system for blowing of the biofuel burning barrel for Mondi Stambolijski JSC.
  8. Design of pipelines for the paper machine PM2 in Mondi Stambolijski JSC.
  9. А Design of a new pipeline for draining of the high-pressure pre-heaters in no-load regime of the TG at low power up to  100 MW
  10. Design of new line from the SG drainage system to the technological condenser for Kozloduy NPP units 5 and 6