Projects 2014-2015

  1. Project Management and Engineering Services Unit in SE RAW for consulting services for fulfilment of different tasks for the decommissioning of Units 1 to 4 and  site selection, design, safety evaluation, construction and commissioning of a National Repository for radioactive wastes (As subcontractor to Consortium with Empresarios Agrupados и Nuvia). 
  2. Design and implementation of a system for heatup and cooldown of the metal in the water chambers and the tube plates of the high pressure heat exchangers with chamber type. 
  3. Design and Modernization of the systems for gas venting of units 5 and 6
  4. Safety Analyzis Report (SAR) and Safety Evaluation Report (SER) for the Spent Fuel Storage (SFS) with a storage technology “under warer”. 
  5. Elaboration of a Detailed Design for “Enhancement of the cocks gas system in Duisburg Huckingen” (Germahy) as subcontractor to Enemona as a main supplier.
  6. Modernization of the system for radiation monitoring in the SFS (spent fuel  storage), part “Design” – subcontractor to Energo Service. 
  7. Evaluation of the capabilities of the spray pond to retain and maintain stable material and energy balance as a thermal facility.
  8. Specific analysis of the barriers to radioactive releases during operation of Kozloduy NPP at 3120 MW, Topic-2 „Analysis of beyond design basis accident sequences, contract 248000026/24.09.2014 г.
  9. Modernization of the system for monitoring and control of Auxiliary Building 3 (Subcontractor to Westinghouse).
  10. Modernization of the control of the monitors for radiation monitoring type RTM860TS and supply of monitors of radioactive contamination of a body with gamma and beta detectors.
  11. Design of a new supporting system for the pipelines within the trestles of Auxiliary building 3 to units 5 and 6.
  12. Detailed design for mounting of new pipelines for CNCG gasses and condensate in trestle 1  and  Conceptual design of a pipeline inside trestle 1 to the new Chemical treatment facility for Mondi JSC.
  13. Detailed design for new heat exchangers  TS10W01, 02, 03 and cut-off and drainage armature on the lines of VB system, insuring cut off and washing of TS10W01 – 03.
  14. Verification analyses of the behavior of the compensator of the collector of the 6-th steam extraction of TG-9 (turbogenerator–9) in connection with its maintenance and repair.